Over the past 13 years, I've worked on more video projects than I can count, and while I've worn many hats, the one that suits me best is that of editor. I think of myself as a storyteller. This portfolio highlights stories I've shaped through my work as lead editor or co-editor for a variety of clients throughout the region.


Program & Event Promos

I love providing viewers with snapshots of broader events or programs, and I particularly enjoy sharing those glimpses through the firsthand experiences of interview subjects. Many such projects have been the result of ongoing collaboration with Daylight Blue Media*, a truly exceptional local production company. Below are just a few examples of the broad spectrum of promotional work I've created for clients ranging from academic institutions like Syracuse University to non-profits like the Jane Goodall Institute.

Jane Goodall Institute
Sandhill Crane Migration

Skä•noñh Great Law of Peace Center
White Stone Canoe Kickstarter

SUNY Morrisville
Vocational Programs Promo*

SU Printmaking
6th Annual Steamroller Event

The Downtown Committee
Downtown Living Tour*

United States Monarchy
Prospective Reality TV Teaser


Often, I am hired to edit promos that fit into larger campaigns. The pieces below demonstrate ways in which videos can be constructed as series or used within a larger marketing initiative.


Northside Urban Partnership: Entrepreneurship Program Campaign*


Syracuse University: Philanthropy Campaigns*


SU College of Visual and Performing Arts: Alumni voices campaigns

VPA Alumni Voices Compilation

CRS Alumni Voices: Gerry McNamara

CRS Alumni Voices: Chapin Springer


My start in documentary work began during my time as a graduate student, with shorter pieces that eventually culminated in a 25-minute thesis documentary. Since then, I've have had the privilege of editing a variety of documentary features, a few of which are listed below.

Aired on ESNP2, ESPNU, and WCNY.
2015 Syracuse International Film Festival Selection.

Aired on select PBS stations.
2015 Syracuse International Film Festival Selection.