Gone are the days of websites belonging in the exclusive territory of developers and coders. Modern platforms allow you to have an online presence you will feel proud of, within a framework you have the ability to control yourself.

My platform of choice is Squarespace. Their elegant templates, affordable prices, and user-friendly interface all add up to a stellar finished product.

Translation: When you work with me to build a Squarespace site, your website will go from being in a foreign language back to plain, old English!



41 Prospects
Syracuse, New York
*Made in collaboration with ha-lup-ka.

2 Kids Goat Farm
Cuyler, New York

Exodus 3 Ministries
Syracuse, New York


929 Coffee Bar
Starkville, Mississippi

Mark Rothschild Photo
Lady Lake, Florida

Utica Air Freight
Brewerton, New York
*Made in collaboration with ha-lup-ka.


I believe every website should start with a conversation. My goals are to learn more about what you dream of accomplishing and how I can use my skills to make that dream a reality. I take the "choose your own adventure" approach of selecting only the tools and services you need to bring your vision to life. No more, no less.



Basic Website Package

Starting at $1,195

  • Custom Trello Site Map
  • Template Research & Selection
  • Existing Social Media Integration
  • Up to 4 Informational Pages
    (Bio, Products, Services, etc.)
  • Contact Form
  • Domain Mapping
  • Cloud-based Asset Backup
  • 1 hour of Squarespace Training
  • Squarespace Resource List

Site Customization


  • Original Copy Writing
  • Editing of Existing Copy
  • Video Post-production
  • Online Portfolio Page(s)
  • Events/Calendar Page(s)
  • Configured Custom Blog
  • eCommerce
  • Custom URL Email Account(s)
  • Advanced SEO
  • CSS Template Customization


Professional Partnerships

I also offer a range of additional services such as commercial photography, video production, logo and graphic design, and advanced CSS coding through my own trusted network of industry connections.

Please contact me directly for more information and project estimates.


Ready to Get Started?


For You...

The more strong content you're able to provide at the start, the more quickly and smoothly the process will go. Having your material organized and available in advance will shave days off of my schedule and dollars off of your bottom line. When quality logo design, writing, photography, and video already exist, I can complete a new or updated website in 2 weeks or less!


For Me...

As a precursor to our first conversation, I've created a questionnaire to allow me to learn about you and the current state of your online presence. Knowing this background information will help me to better understand what your priorities are and what materials already exist. As soon as I review your responses, I will contact you directly to begin the web design process.